90 minutes of fun, laughter, hanging out and forming new groups.
Finding community has never been this easy.


January 29, 2019
7 - 830p


Community Church

Registration Closed
You can still register in person at the event.

If you're not already in a group,
this one-night event is designed just for you.

Life is better in community but finding a community group can be hard. With GroupLink, we've made that easy for you and you get to have fun while doing it! At the end of this 90-minute event, you will belong to a group of people JUST LIKE YOU who live nearby and are looking for ways to connect with others.

NOTE: Childcare is available for free for this event. Details will follow your registration.

In Your Area

Finding community with people who live close to you can be a great way to connect.

Similar Stage of Life

Share stories, struggles and circumstances with people who are going through it all with you.

Same Night of the Week

Schedules can be hard to manage, so we have made it easy for you to find the right night of the week.

Still have questions?

Just CONTACT US and someone will be in touch very soon to help you.